Writing great blogs is a blessing. Business blogging is the most valuable marketing techniques. Yet, it is often forgot from business marketing.


In fact, businesses who consistently post blog receive 126 percent more leads than those who do not. They get 55 percent more visitors to their website. However, just posting any blog isn’t enough. If you’re not producing fresh, dynamic and interesting content, you’re making a wrong image about your brand.


Here are 15 rules that help you with business blogging:


1. Give it a interesting, snappy title.


Remember that reader only see title, and maybe a featured image first. Your title need to be powerful enough to click. A playing with various words works great. Words evokes familiarity, but attracts enough to draw attention. Question-based titles works great.


2. Keep it short.


keep it short


A blog is only of:


  • one thought
  • one question
  • one idea


The more concise and direct you are, the better your blog is.


3. Lead, don’t follow.


lead dont follow


You should write with a genuine intent of reaching your potential target audience. You should give a message that how your blog will be beneficial. Don’t follow the popular stories and derive new topics. Lead the market, don’t follow.


4. Produce original content.


Create original content you may can take some references. Write on the topic you want to make a click on. Read some related content and write your own.


5. Consistency is key.


consistency is key


Add blog at least thrice a week. Mostly, companies posts one lengthy content and then nothing for a month. That the worst thing. Blogs are the basic of interacting with your clients. Consistency is key for any business.


6. Stay human don’t be a Robot.


Be authentic, funny, and admit your mistakes. Audience don’t want to read something written by a robot. Of course, human want a emotional touch in everything. We’ll want to be personal without any inappropriate or offensive or polarizing words, got it?


7. Social media and blogging are not same.


social media and blog are different


For a slick, campaigns on social media, only push others ideas, links and messages not original things. You need to write quality content that disseminate the comparison of social media and blogging. Content is king and the platform is queen.


8. Don’t focus on the wrong things.


Many bloggers are concern with how many “followers” or “likes” they have. The main motive is to establish us as an expert. Build trust and clients into your sales part. All the irrelevant social metrics won’t take the place if you gain few good client relationships.


Want to know more about blog and tips for blogging reach en.wikipedia.org


9. Use photos.


Always put photos/images in your blog. Photos trigger the “mind” of reader. For examples, Tweets with a photo are clicked 350 percent more than just links. This implies, attract 350 percent more interest in audience.


10. Always include a call to action.


call to action


Your blog should motivate the reader to do something. Put a link, question / answer, provide some form, offers or sign up for updates. Blogs having interesting content but don’t offer call to action are like good roads that go nowhere.


11. Engage your audience.


engage you audience


A blog should talk to your audience. Use blog as a conversation starter to engage the audience. It helps to create great professional relationships.


12. Put your blog on your website.


It’s hard to get audience that read and share any blog, but you seriously had the chance of engage them. As a next step by putting your blog on your website. In my personal opinion, that a blog should be in the right place..


13. Don’t be “salesy.”


dont be salesy


Never push a sales point or transaction at readers. Instead of sales, solve problems, gauge opinions and fulfill needs. Try to know issues, values and challenges your target clients are facing. Never use a blog as a toll to transmit sales messages. Let these things for that cheesy infomercials and billboards.


14. Remember that it’s not about you.


Your blog is not a stage to talk about your company. It should be like a haven for your target audience. Make things interesting, helpful, entertaining and fascinating for them.


15. Break up the text.

No one wants to read text these days. After seeing lines of words will ensure your blog never gets read. Instead, make your uneasy, breaking up text into points with photos, sub headers, bullet points, and lists will be a good choice.


Apply these rules to your company blog and the results will amazed you.

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