Every company has a set of best lead generation strategies to attract their target market. Although, top IT companies could use a specific lead generation strategy. For instance, Samsung uses Social Media Marketing for its lead generation.

Want to grow you IT business? Or else you want to learn top digital marketing strategies?

Most IT companies want to grow their firm. But they are stuck themselves into limited resources and time. You can use few strategies that are mentioned below to increase your revenue and make an easy way to attract new customers. In this blog we will bring 5 best lead generation strategies that helps in the growth of your company.


What Is Lead Generation for IT Companies?

A lead is anyone who shows interest in your product and services. They can show interest in the company’s product and services in different way by clicking your products links, by comment or reaching your website etc. Sometimes a potential customer provides their contact details for connecting.

Mostly an IT company contact their leads through email. Once you’re done with this part you need to nurture you customer to make a sale.

Once you got potential leads, you have to get in touch with them with the help of the contact details provided. Through this you can nurture your lead generation. This uses a combination of advertisement and organic posts together to find people who will have the potential to become leads.

As you understand about lead generation for IT companies, it now the time to discuss the best lead generation strategies that you can use to generate leads. Want to know more bout lead generation you can reach en.wikipedia.org


Build Engaging Landing Pages

It doesn’t matter what your advertisement or lead is about, people will visit your website if they are interested. Your website is face of your company and that’s why it needs to be designed good.

This same structure applies to your lending page. It needs to be well-designed and optimized so that it provides a well browsing experience. You need to be sure that your website loads fast and will be mobile friendly.

Below written are some tips to follow for your landing page:

  • Make a single objective.
  • Be focused with your copy.
  • Look on different landing page.
  • Create customer related content.
  • Show your social media handles.
  • Use correct font to increase readability and use short paragraph.
  • Utilities video to explain complex things.


Organize Seminar and Webinar

Organizing seminar/Webinar is the best lead generation strategy. These webinars are informative and provide a good communication system between you and your organization. Thus, this will not only help in lead generation but also nurtures it.

Below mentioned are some benefits of organizing Webinar:

  • Build trust.
  • Organize quick seminar/webinar.
  • Easy to find your potential leads.


Collaborate with Influencers

Did you know that 90% of businesses use influencer marketing strategy and consider it to be effective.

Influencer marketing is booming and a great lead generation technique. You can’t leave this marketing strategy it doesn’t matter which type of business you own.

Many technology companies such as Microsoft, are using influencer marketing in their various campaigns.

Influencer marketing is emerging as a trendy way for doing business. One can partner with a social media influencer or blogger who can promotes your product or service to their audience. Audience of influencers are mostly engaged.

5 Best Lead Generation Strategies for IT Companies2

The influencers use and review your product or service and then put that review on their social media account or blog. When their followers see good things written about your brand by a person they trust, they’ll want to check it out.

You can add a link to your website or landing page. Then their followers will land on your website and some of them might end up becoming your leads.

Send Surveys

Survey will be a good way to make leads for an IT company. As a technical company it very important to conduct surveys time to time.

Researching on ongoing market can answer many questions about your audience and gets you good leads.

When you are making a survey form, make sure to add your company’s link. It will make good chances to increase your website traffic.

5 Best Lead Generation Strategies for IT Companies3

Create Content that Gets Shared

Content Marketing is the most used strategy that any business can use to grow. It generates leads in creating content that gets shared. Though social media and blogging one can redirect or can find ways to share services and products of your company. The main aim is to create content that add value to your business and contains customer relevant information.

If you want to grow your IT business, start using these tips for a better strategy. By increasing your site traffic and by sharing useful content you can find new leads every day.