The list of 7 biggest social sites is given below. List contains Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and Reddit. Every social site is made for different use. Different site brand has different reach on social media. For the advertisement purpose, one must be had an active participation on every social media and then should strategically decide on which social media should double down.

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The headquarters of Instagram is in Menlo Park, CA. It was launched in 2010. Approximately there are 1 billion active monthly users on this platform. Instagram is a big platform for eye-catching visuals and creativity that inspire. With the launch to shoppable posts in 2018, the possible ROI for product-based businesses is higher than ever.


The headquarter of twitter is in San Francisco, CA. It was started in 2006. There is multiple opportunity on twitter for business, sports, marketing or politics. Twitter has approximately 330 million active monthly users.


Its headquarters is in San Francisco, CA. it was established in 2005. It has roughly 430 million dynamic months to month clients. Reddit has an exceptionally special mix of content and local area including in excess of 150000 networks to each theme that is possible. There is a spot for each brand and business on Reddit.


LinkedIn headquarters is in mountain view, CA. It was founded in 2003. LinkedIn has approximately 310 million active monthly users. It has a great network of professionals. LinkedIn is the place where we can find people who have the power to hire your service, stock your product, or partner with you. There is unlimited potential and possibilities for connecting with a best group of professionals who can make a difference for your business.


Snapchat headquarters is in Los Angeles, CA. It was started in 2011. Approximately 360 million active monthly users are on snapchat. It is most commending for user-generated content, exclusive offers, behind the scene videos and influencer takeovers. The most active users on Instagram are the younger people.


The headquarters of Pinterest is in San Francisco, CA. It was begun in 2010. It has roughly 322 million dynamic months to month clients. The most well-known substance on Pinterest incorporates style, food, stylistic theme, wedding, exercise, and DIY-related pins. Anything having rich visual can blossom with Pinterest. A large portion of the clients on Pinterest is females.

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Why is knowing social media sites important?

Online media are electronic apparatuses that empower individuals to find things and learn new data, share thoughts, cooperate with new individuals and associations. Individuals can produce income, mindfulness, leads, and deals. Want to know more about social media sites then click here

The greater part of individuals across the globe are currently on different web-based media stages. Also, by knowing online media one is united to reach, collaborate, and draw in with the interest group. Realizing web-based media appropriately will assist us with getting the limit of dynamic devotees on that website.

Assuming we are familiar who are the most extreme clients on the site we can stand out enough to be noticed and the business can be prospered. All the little and large business works similarly and assume control over the entire media stage. Putting resources into the right web-based media helps organizations a ton. At the point when any business can interface with individuals via web-based media one can be a gigantic hit. Online media audits assist us with giving great client administrations. By the audits, we can work on the administrations. Online media has affected individuals’ lives in numerous ways.   if you are looking for way to raise  your business on social media then connect us on “MINNIONS TECH