What is CRM?

This technology is designed to manage the relationship between organization and audience. CRM will build a trustworthy relationship with our  customers. This software will help an organization to connect with the staff and clients. It manages the sales, enhance the productivity. And free you from the hustle of maintaining reports and data manually.


Benefits of using CRM for an organization

  • It will increase your sales and properly analyze the productivity of employees

It will keep proper analytics of increasing sales. All the process of selling services is organize in proper way. It creates a high impact on company as well as client.

  • It will improve your relationship with customers by proper tracking of the  projects.

Relationship with your client enhanced due to the systematic arrangements of the data. A proper track of the project has been done by the software. That  will remind you about your processing order. So, you can deliver your orders on time. It will impact your company image positively. So, a trustworthy  relationship is build with your customers.

  • Keep track of revenue generation

Proper tracking of revenue can be done.  Because it will keep the details like number of all invoices generation. What are the pending dues? what are the payment which are fully paid or partially paid.? Each and every small details about the revenue can be track.

  • Organized data base of details

All the data are categorize in a separate folder. All the important documents are arranged systematically and separately depends on the uses. So that it can be easy for your staff to access the file they need.

  • Reports of sales are automate.

It will identify the best strategy from which the sales are generate.  It will also create a proper report of sales.


What are three types of CRM?


CRM software

Operational CRM

It will provide complete details of customers communication records with company.

It features include

  • Contact management

All the data of clients can be manage in centralize form. CRM software updates the contact details automatically.

  • Service automation

It is design to give a proper support to your customers for their proper satisfaction about our work. Customers are given various options to contact  like using of e-mails, toll free number or social media platforms.

  • Sales automaton

It helps in dealing with existing clients and generating new customers. It boosts sales more efficiently.

  • Marketing automation

Automating of marketing process can be focus. it will provide you a glimpse idea approaching a customer through different channels. Like email, calls, SMS etc.


Analytical CRM

This CRM mostly deals with data. it analyses and manages data. This software contains all data related to services, Marketing and customer.

It features includes

  • How effective your company support system is?

It will keep the analysis of all the data. That how effective the support system is. and working ability of your team while handling the query of the customers.

  • It will help you to solve and understand the issue and complain from the customer end.

This software will keep the proper track of the issues or complain raised from the customer side. It will give an idea about in which area the team member is lacking. And how quickly the team is solving the customer query.

  • Identify the customer which have highest life time value

It will help in identifying that customer who will add some kind of worth in our company. And have the potential to maintain a long-lasting relationship in work ethics.

  • Help in Understanding the kind of leads which converts into sales.

It will identify the kind of leads which are converting into sales. This will keep the record of client that from which area the customer is taking the services.  And what type of mind set they have.

  • What are the services or features which the customer is liking the most?

It will identify that feature which are most likeable by the customer. So, that we will have an idea to target clients based on their likes and dislikes in our services.


Collaborative CRM

This software ensures that all teams and department have access to the updated data. Its main objective is to keep the collaboration of the different department.  So that the customer has great working experience with the company.

  • Help in easily finding the right information at right time.

It will help in finding the right information at right time. You will get notified about the suggestion or the notices from the company side related to the work.

  • Help in getting the updated information on a same platform

If any information’s are update about  work, then it will be visible to all the department at same platform

  • Take care of interaction management

It manages the interaction between staff to staff or staff to client. Easy and proper management of interaction should be done through this software.

  • Channels management

It will help you in finding that on which channel your customers are mostly active. And want your company to active on that particular platform. It will track record ,that on which channels you are getting the positive response.

  • Management of documents

Management of documents become easy . Because  everyone knows about the exact file location. So the data can become handy and promotes an easy flow of work.


So, CRM will free you from the hustle of maintaining a company record manually. It reduces the chances of errors. If you are planning to Buy CRM software for your company ,then you can visit us on “MINNIONS TECH”. CRM will build a strong trustworthy relationship between a company and client.