Best Plagiarism Checker

A best plagiarism tool can be a great asset to generate a user-friendly content for your website. Plagiarism checker will make all the copied pats highlighted and also shows the source of that duplicate content.

Welcome everyone, as the topic says we will be learning the best plagiarism checker in this column today. So, let’s begun to know the best plagiarism tool for your website.



Plagiarism is a act of copying others published content from any website and claims that it is yours original content. It is viewed as an illegal task. If any of your content is find plagiarized, it may harm your site position and never rank in any search engine. As the keeper of a site, you can recruit a content writer but it may have a chance that they also give a duplicate content from some other site and passes it to you. So, to keep away the copyright problems, you need to know the tool to check its uniqueness.

If a writer have written some articles without copying it from different sites, but it may have the chance that other writer has already written that, so it is important to check that there is no copied content.


Plagiarism Checker is a tool to check the duplicity of your content. The best plagiarism checkers are mentioned below :


CopySpace is a free tool, used to check the duplicity of your article before publishing it. One may check the plagiarism of content by simply pasting the content in text box. It comes with a tool to compare your content from another site in side-by-side by typing competitive website URL. The premium Copyscape gives features like file upload in Word & PDF, WordPress Integration etc.

Plagiarism hunt

It gives results and is free of cost. It keeps the data private and can’t save uploaded files in database. You can paste the text in text box or upload a file. It have a feature to scans the uploaded file and produce results in percentage.


One can paste the subject in the text box for checking. It comes with a feature to upload files and enter URL to check plagiarism. It is used for a quick and deep search. For deep search, you need to sign in and has unique pricing based on plan you want. You can type or paste only 1000 characters at a time.

Search Engine Reports

It also have pasting the content and uploading a file from dropbox feature. It comes with 1500 words per search. You compare your content with other sites by typing your website URL and a maximum of 5 other website’s URLs. It shows highlighted plagiarism and percentages. It supports different languages like English, Turkish, and so on.

Apart from these checkers, search engine reports also provide some other free tools like text analysis tools, image tools, keyword planning tools, backlink tools, etc.

Best plagiarism checker


It gives space to paste the content and upload the file to check the plagiarism. This provides some other tools like copy shield, text compare, duplicate file finder tool, website comparison tool. It also supports file formats. Copyleaks also supports some languages such as English, Hindi, Spanish etc. More information about this you can reach to the official website


A tool to check for duplicate content by spacing 1000 words per search. It supports various file formats. One can copy-paste the content in the text area. It shows plagiarism and uniqueness percentages both. This also highlights the line that is matched with other site. It has other tools like reverse image search, paraphrasing tools, and so on.

Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X is known as the best duplicity checkers. It keeps all data private not storing them in databases. It shows the URL of sites that show the duplicate content as yours. You can download the plagiarism report in Word and Pdf file formats. It is available in 7 different languages. So, any one can use them.

Plagiarism detector

A plagiarism detector is a tool used to detect the originality or uniqueness of uploaded files from your device or Dropbox. You can drop down and paste content in the text box. This allows only 1000 words per search. It shows the result in the form of a percentage. It supports different languages like Hindi, English, and so on.

So, I hope you learned some of the best checkers. There are some other plagiarism checkers available online, but it is not possible to mention them all. For more information, stay connected with us. You can reach “MINNIONS TECH” for plagiarism free content, content marketing and copy writing.