What is Content Marketing Strategist? VS What is Content Manager?

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Content marketing is the most important part for a successful business strategy. It assists businesses to  increase brand awareness, generate leads and build trust. To create an effective content, you need have the idea of content marketing and strategy.


However, there’s a huge difference between the two parts.



A content manager looks over the daily operations of content production. While a content strategist plans, set goals, and strategy for high quality content.




In this blog, we will discuss the functions of both roles. It help to understand whom to hire to achieve your business needs. Although, they can help you to plan your career path.


Table of Content


  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Content Marketing Strategist
  • What is a Content Strategy?
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • A Content Strategist vs. Content Manager
  • Conclusion on Content Marketing Roles



What is Content Marketing?


content marketing


Content marketing is a kind of online promotions. One may call it online / web advertisement. It focuses on creating  valuable content. This will help to  understand audience. It doesn’t need any  sales plans, like “sale!” Or “buy now” gimmicks.


The main motive of content marketing is to deliver quality content. It helps to move site traffic and boost the trust factor with client. Content marketing also derive value.  The best way to generate all the things is by providing quality content regularly. You can do this in form of blog post, video etc.


Content Marketing Strategist


A content marketing strategist is responsible for great content marketing program. They determine the details and directives content marketing strategy.


They make different steps for content strategy for a company. Content strategist work according to audience location on different online stages.


They assess customer needs to identify how they can improve their products or services. Strategist create an editorial calendar full of relevant and valuable topics.


Want to know more about content marketing reach en.wikipedia.org


What is a Content Strategy?


content strategy


A content strategy is a set of plans. This plan includes how to create, distribute, and measure content for your business. The overall goal is to increase engagement and drive traffic on website. There is various key element that are as follows:


  • An editorial calendar
  • Content themes across all platforms
  • Your buyer’s journey
  • Research to create content that meets the needs of your customers. At all stages of their purchasing journey.


All the elements work in sequence to achieve the goals. For example, journey of a client consists of many stages. Your clients go through various stages before buying any product or services. Your content calendar needs to follow a logical sequence. It will contain all content subjects that you plan to publish throughout the year.



Who is Content Marketing Manager?


A content manager looks over the daily operations of content production.


Content manager handle budgets, hiring new members, scheduling meetings, reporting on growth, and more. They work with development team to produce high-quality content. With the aim engage potential clients — without overwhelming them. As content strategists, they take into account analytics reports to determine what type of content their audience responds the most.


Marketing managers know, how their audience thinks about a business? What information they are looking for? They do this by understanding the needs of their target market. They are creative enough to reach potential people.


Content Strategist Vs Content Manager


While comparing both  question arises “Who is better?” They work different, yet interrelated, content marketing tasks.  The major difference is in their skillsets they use in their tasks.


Both roles include managing content tasks. A strategist requires knowledge of SEO, marketing expertise and analytical thinking.  Whereas a manger requires the knowledge of digital analytics tools, SEO, web design etc. A content strategist should have researching skills. While content manager manages project.


These roles need excellent organizational abilities . Both positions need to pay attention to various details. Since, if you’re searching for someone to hold up your daily tasks, then hiring a content manager is good choice.


How Do You Know if It Is Time to Hire an Expert?


In the event that you’ve been doing some fundamental online hunts in regards to content advertising. You’ll observe a lot of articles discussing its advantages.

However, do you truly get what precisely it involves? Is it safe to say that you are sufficiently carry out it with no expert direction? Perhaps you simply don’t have any desire to burn cash on something you feel should be possible by anybody?


There comes a stage where you know that you want experts help. When you arrive at that stage, the following are four inquiries you should pose to yourself.


It will decide if this present time is the perfect to acquire an external asset:


1. What is my current level of experience?
2. How much does it cost me per month to maintain my own team?
3. Am I willing to invest in training?
4. Will I benefit from having access to experts within my company?


content is king


You might observe that working with agency is better to meet requirements. Content agency give their clients a wide range of services. These services includes creation, writing and editing.

This implies, you can get  individuals engaged with one task. Also, these agencies offer continuous help to assist best content strategy.




So, how would you know which role your business needs? Find what you want through content marketing? Take a look over your budget and hire one who suits your needs. Finally, consider the amount work you need.


For example, quality blog takes long time than simply posting links to relevant pages on Facebook.

Before making a  decision, read the pros and cons  carefully.