If you are unaware about the complete new world of digitalization . let me tell you that everything is shifting digitally from a small general store to a 5 star hotel , and this change will continue taking place in future .A large number of opportunity is popping up in digital marketing .before moving forward lets know what digital marketing actually is.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is form of marketing through which we can advertise the people digitally. It would give marketers  an opportunity to interact with , understand the audience better and to increase the trust. Digital market is being less expensive than the traditional form of advertising. Digital marketing is not just limited to online marketing but it has offline marketing channels such as radio ,television ,and electronic billboard.

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There are 10 different types of  digital marketing .These are as follows

Search engine optimization (SE0)

SEO is used to increase the number of visitors on the website by ranking the website higher in google and other search engines. It yields highly long term and sustainable results. It can be also used to increase the number of viewer in digital platform like you tube . Search engine optimization is considered to be the least expensive marketing technique.

Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing would give  the opportunity to take advantage of social media platform to advertise his content to a highly targeted audience. The types of content you could post on social media is images, text  posts and videos. And to advertise the content we need advertising options provided by the social media platform like Facebook, Instagram,   you tube, LinkedIn, twitter. Doing social media marketing on the correct platform can help the business to grow faster.

Content marketing

Content marketing forms the backbone of digital marketing.   its  creating relevant and consistent content in order to attract the required audience and it can be seen as a continuous process. Paying attention to content placement and looking for avenues is crucial for content marketing.

Viral marketing

Viral  marketing is a business strategy that uses existing social network to promote a product or services. Its name refers to how a consumers spread information about the products with  other people in their  social network, in the same way a virus spread from one person to another.it can be deliverd not only with the word of mouth but also be enhanced  by the network affects of the internet and  mobile  networks. Nowadays anyone can a sensation on social media. This marketing is useful in the short term and gives remarkable upswings in web traffic.

Pay per click (PPC)

Pay per click marketing deals with paid search results on Google and it involves bidding on a specific keyword which will increase the web traffic for us. It demands a thorough analysis of keywords and finds out the most popular yet cost-effective keyword for you. The overall cost per click varies based on how in-demand a specific keyword is.

Influencer marketing

It is easier  to influence people who are already influence by the someone or something.it identified the individuals that have influenced over potential bias and orient marketing activities around these influences influencer.it focuses on using key leaders or influencer to drive a brand message to the targeted market. Influencer are specialist in the particular niche and have established a high level of trust in two way communications with their follower basis. Influencer marketing is mostly done by celebrities, industry experts, and content creators. These influencers spread the product all over different social media platforms and with the help of their followers they build up enough support for the product.

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TV and radio

With the use of tv and radio ads have reached a much wider range of audience than any other marketing. Nowadays streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Saavn, etc. can also be used for advertising.

Electronic bill

It  is a large screen made of LED used mainly to show images and texts. It’s quite more expensive than other marketing methods. They are usually used by restaurants, trade shows, retailers, entertainment, etc.

Email marketing

If we send  commercial messages to a group of people through email is called email marketing. Email marketing is utilize for keeping the customers updated with all the latest updates in the industry.