Multi-vendor E- commerce: Make individual sales from doing business online

These days online business has become more popular than traditional business. People can’t imagine their life without going online one time in a day. Therefore, these online businesses have become a crucial part of everyone’s life and together it is called a multi-vendor e-commerce.

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce which is making your business global. In simple terms we can say selling and buying things, goods and services online. E-commerce is often used to describe all the seller’s attempt, whose selling services directly to the consumers. It began when a lead or consumer grasp information about an item or services and they continue to buying, using, and, ideally, going with your services. The most powerful e-commerce business runs on Data power. In which one can exploit the best practices, for example, e-mail marketing, crowed segmentation and marketing automation.

What is E-commerce?

Most you think that e-commerce is simply buying and selling offline products on Internet. But that is not same it way far then you think it includes the selling and buying of non-physical products also like digital services and products which includes Digital marketing, Graphic Designing, website designing, hosting and many more.

Some of the organization sell their products only on Internet. For instance, any new business person set up a company selling high quality marketing services and products for both online and offline medium. Those day they have the choice to sell their products through their own shop, or retail it on wholesale to global market. Today, they have a way better option that is called e-commerce. Owners can sell their products and services through their own website and can sell from third party websites else they can go for both to make their business global.

Sometimes these two words e-commerce and traditional marketing overlap each other. This starts when consumers begin comparison shops with their smartphone, they browse the physical product and online item. Then, it becomes hard to decide the fate with each other.

What is Multi-vendor?

With the fastest development of E-commerce business in the past, vogue is gently moving towards a fast-growing shopping experience to buyers. Now, purchaser don’t want to spend their time searching on different sites to find one product.

A multi-vendor e-commerce business is a platform provided by firms to the third-party sellers to sell their product at one spot. In easy way, it is a huge market available online that includes various small shops that are assisted by different individual vendors.

Let’s learn it with an example, imagine a mall that owned by you that make and deliver products to homes. As your mall contains many small stores that are run by small vendors. Just like this all-e-commerce website have different small shops that are owned by individual vendors. The whole responsibility of the shops relay on the specified vendors the only thing as an owner you are responsible for is storing the items, delivering them to homes, and accepting payments.


Business Models

An e-commerce business is said to be the digital arm for the business groups or a physical shop. It will be an only person who is pursuing selling items out of their house through Internet.

There is wide range of business platforms. E-commerce incorporates various sales types. Below mentioned are some of the different kinds of e-commerce business models:

  • Business-to-business (B2B)
  • Business -to-consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer-to-business (C2B)
  • Business-to-government (B2G)
  • Consumer-to-government (C2G)

Business-to-business (B2B)

Business-to-business or B2B refers to any organization who buy products online from any other company is said to be B2B. For example, a printing press is buying a print machine and a restaurant purchase utensil. Business software like customer relationship management (CRM) system and payment making companies are more on B2B platform. It’s a trending form of business but it can be harder to do because companies relay on big and complex products to sell.

Business -to-consumer (B2C)

B2C or Business to customer is online selling of service and product. When a client buys a product from internet for their own use. B2C is more convenient, it’s half the size of the world wide B2B e-commerce market. Want to know more about e-commerce business models the you can reach to the this website

Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

C2C stands for consumer-to-consumers. It’s like a card game where one people sell products to each other. We called it as an auction of product on internet. This can be any item that an individual want to sell like self-made product, such as handcrafted jewelry, so wooden made stuff etc. This is said to be C2C because one consumer sell products to another consumer.

Consumer-to-business (C2B)

When a consumer resells any product for a company, that is called consumer-to-business or C2B. This will be very beneficial for the consumer as companies provides some commission on selling their products. In this any customer can create value in any form. For example, if any consumer is lending a good review for a product or business this will attract more customers towards that product. Business that sells second hand item sometimes buy merchandise from private peoples on internet.

Business-to-government (B2G)

Business-to-government or B2G model is commonly called as business-to-administration (B2A) business model. This model is generally used when a private organization sell services and products to a governmental firm. For example, when a company bid online for any contract from the administration, on the other hand, a company may reply to that proposal to manage all the government tender this is called B2G business model.

Consumer-to-government (C2G)

Did you ever pay toll taxes or parking taxes online? If yes then it is called consumer-to-government or C2G model. This includes paying tax, buying products from governmental firm and e-tenders or auctions. One may turn money to a public organization using the online medium.

E-commerce business are making a great impact on today’s generation and it also helps in making the online medium more useful for individual vendors. This will keep all the business at one place. “MINNIONS TECH” provide Multi-vendor e-commerce business website this is a vouge for business firms to target specified consumer around the globe.