Free Classified Submission Sites in India 2021

Hey everyone, today we’ll be explaining about Free Classified Submission websites. What is Classified Submission, why do we do Classified submission and how is Classified Submission helpful in ranking of any website.

What is Classified Submission?

Classified Submissions is a part of off-page SEO activities. It is a process to get high-quality do-follow backlinks. With Classified Submissions, one can promote any business or services locally. It is a method of promoting any services locally in which you can sell services to people around you. Through this you can sell your digital marketing services according to locations, countries, you may sell your products in foreign countries.

This will provide backlinks for both do-follow and no-follow. These links are not available for lifetime and comes with some limitations. These backlinks should be taken in 3 to 6 months almost. That’s why classified Submissions should be done on right time, so, that if your first backlink expires then we can get another backlink on time.

Online Classified Submissions, will get lots of sites, you may go to any website and create your account. You have to post it time to time so that you can keep getting backlinks if you have not created any profile before this, you are also eligible to this. If you want to take backlink of directory, you can get it from here.

Why do we do it?

We do Classified Submissions to get high authority backlinks from it. It provides both backlinks do-follow and no-follow. Through this we can get as many backlinks as you want. For Classified Submissions your content should be original because it only approves real and organic content. If you content is plagiarized it does not be approved by the Classified Submissions. So, if you’re doing this then you should be a little focused on your content. This is a long-term method; you should keep do it accurately with time.

How is Classified Submission be helpful in ranking any website?

Classified Submissions is very helpful for the ranking of any site because you can get backlinks of high authority as well as it will provide you with the most reliable traffic. Because of this your website traffic will increase much more with relevant leads. Ranking of any website may also depend on Search engine optimization (SEO). Imagine you have made your post public on a Classified Submission website that post will arrive on search results in few days. So, if you have targeted a keyword and the user search for those relevant keywords, then your post will appear at the top of the page results. This will be a plus point for your website and the viewers will go for your website and can read your post. The user may also go for your services and more blogs.

Free Classified submission sites list in India

In this part, you will find the list of classified submission websites of both free and paid types which are mostly used in India. This data is based on the ranking of Survey report of 2020. Here we will be providing the list of 100+ sites. Which will beneficial for the ranking of your website.


  Sr.No.                 Classifieds Site List    PA    DA
1. 59 71
2. 59 62
3. 58 73
4. 58 68
5. 58 67
6. 57 67
7. 56 66
8. 56 62
9. 54 62
10. 54 57
11. 54 56
12. 53 57
13. 52 62
14. 52 52
15. 52 50
16. 51 56
17. 51 49
18. 50 52
19. 50 50
20. 49 57
21. 49 52
22. 49 48
23. 49 47
24. 49 46
25. 49 46
26. 48 55
27. 48 52
28. 48 48
29. 48 44
30. 47 51
31. 47 51
32. 47 44
33. 47 43
34. 47 43
35. 47 43
36. 47 42
37. 47 42
38. 47 42
39. 47 41
40. 46 72
41. 46 58
42. 46 46
43. 46 45
44. 46 45
45. 46 44
46. 46 39
47. 46 39
48. 46 39
49. 45 92
50. 45 58


Example of the Classified Submission

All the mentioned sites are classified Submission you can open any of these. Follow the steps for all these websites. The steps are same and the submission is the same in all of them.

1 1

  1. First of all, you should search for high authority classified submission sites with the goal that you can get great backlinks.
  2. Once you have got high authority classified submission websites, then, you make your record on those destinations and sign in.
  3. Then you click on make a post. Select your post both paid or free I would suggest that you select just the free arrangement, assuming you get a decent outcome then you go for the paid posting.
  4. Then you fill in your advertisement details, in this, you need to enter your site title, meta description, classification, picture, and so on.
  5. This is the last step, if you follow all the steps given above, then you can finally submit your post. The group of the site on which you are submitting will survey your post and distribute it in a couple of hours.

In this post, you will be provided by Free Classified Submission Sites List in India. Hope this session will be helpful for you. You can take high backlinks for your website. These websites can help to be ranked as soon as possible. For more information about classified submission you can check out this