How to get Google Ads Certification?

Hey everyone, today we will be explaining about how to get google ads certification. After this post, you will be able to do the steps required to earn a google ads certification. If you qualify in the certification exam, you will receive a certificate, that you can add to your resume or CV and LinkedIn profile. Your career will get benefit from it. Let’s begun without further delay.

Steps to get google ads certification?

Google Ads provides a certification program that guarantees advertisers as online promoting specialists. Google Ads is among the most famous and valuable tool to get more viewers to your site. To make more compelling ads on Google, this certification can be useful to you. Given below are the steps to earn a google ad certificate.

1. Google Account Selection

If you are a company employee, you may use your email address at work, otherwise, you can use your personal Google Account.

2. Select Google Skillshop and select Google ads certification.

Whenever you have signed into your account that you wish to use for certification, visit Google Skillshop, which gives access to all of Google’s e-learning courses. You can pick your preferred certificate test you need to take after to visiting Skillshop.

You may also look at the Google Ads segment in Skillshop, where every point comprises of a crucial course and Google ads certification evaluations. Every assessment on the Skillshop page includes access to free courses and review assets, permitting you to completely get ready for the test.

3. Prepare yourself for certification exams

The Google Ads Certification covers six subjects. These include Google Ads Search, Display, Measurement, Video, Shopping, Apps.

In case you are a beginner to Google Ads, it is proposed that you should start with Google Ads Search Certification and then proceed with most of them. The most continuous type of advertisements that marketers or business use is search ads.

You can plan for the tests by watching YouTube instructional exercises and articles. Google itself gives a few study materials from which you can plan for your test.

Try not to avoid any subject assuming you are a newbie, otherwise, the question may be posed from that theme which you have left. You can likewise select yourself in the courses presented by Udemy on Google Ads Certification. If applicable, attempt to make manually written notes to write down focus points so you can go through them when you need to revise some points.

Google ads certification

You may now take the Google Ads Certification test after you are positive about what you have realized.  For more information click here

4. Take the Certification Exam to discover how well you know Google Ads and how well you have prepared.

The Google Ads certification test is totally free. To get certified, you should pass an assessment in one of the certificates. To acquire a Certificate, you should pass the test. After finishing the test, you will get a certificate which you can show on your LinkedIn profile. The Google Partner identification does exclude the Google Ads Measurement certification. However, assuming you fail in the test, you need to sit tight for no less than one day prior to attempting the test once more.

Make sure you understand each question before attempting, but keep in mind the time limit. You are free to complete all of the test if you want.

What is the exam pattern?

The exam takes place in Multiple choice (MCQs). The length of every assessment may be different; however, it is somewhere in the range of one and two hours. You need to finish the assessment with a base level of 80% in every tests. When the test has started, you can’t stop it.

The certificates come with one-year validity period. You should retake and pass the certification assessment in the relevant product area to renew your certification. This certifications for Google Ads are available in 22 languages.


I trust you find this article gainful. Set yourself up well to take the assessment. Give the test not to simply pass and get a certification yet additionally to expand your insight. To know more reach us at “Minnions Tech“.