Influencer Marketing has exploded throughout recent years. This gives rise to new age online star. This sort of promotion is more remarkable than it might appear – which is the reason you really need to use influencer marketing methodology.


Rather than considering influencer marketing to be only used for promotion, likes on social networks, as preferences or offers on informal organizations, you can consider it as a single client promoting your products and services to thousands, or even millions, of companions and users.


How many numbers of different channels permits you to take advantage of a huge audience of ideal possibilities that are anxious to trust your products and services?


Table of Contents


  • What is Influencer Marketing?
  • How to leverage Influencer Marketing?
  • How to grow Your Business with influencer marketing?
    • The growth of brand Influencer Partnership
    • Why brands rely on Influencer Marketing?
    • Brand and Influencer: Makes mutual Benefit
  • Benefits of Creator through Influencer Marketing?
    • You can build trust and Authority of your own
    • You can Turn your review into a hot topic
    • Make your own Payment Decision
    • It hikes up your reach and engagement
    • Provide Unlimited sharing potential to your video.
  • Get the Benefits of Influencer Marketing
  • Lesson that I have learnt form Influencer Marketing.


What is Influencer Marketing?



Influencer marketing is new age digital business technique which helps in to promote your products and service. You can promote your business through partnering with the most famous social media Influencer, creator, or blogger. Influencer marketing has a wide audience market that helps a brand to build their credibility and drive sales.



Influencer marketing 1


For example: When you see Lays India, you might wonder that why it is so popular. It’s because every celebrity, from Shikhar Dhawan to Parth Samantha, appeared in social media saying: ” Pick up the pack. Pose. Post”.

This is called Influencer Marketing.

Making a deal with an influencer is number one marketing strategy. Here are the benefits of Influencer marketing.


  • Reach bigger audience
  • Build trust for your brand
  • Increase website traffic
  • Drive sales
  • Get huge number of potential leads
  • Grow your social following


When people see their favorite celebrities wearing things and using some certain item, they are more willingly likes to buy them.


The people whom you see on social platform with millions of followers on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or YouTube. These people earned their audience and build trust with them, that’s why they are called Influencer


How to leverage Influencer Marketing?

The most easy and simple way to hold-up Influencer is to pay directly for their posts.

Let’s take an example of Instagram models. They promote protein, water bottle, lipstick and some similar products. These Influencer are paid on post basis. You don’t need a huge company to make your marketing valuable.

How to leverage Influencer Marketing

There are some Influencer who sets their own charges as per posts. This increases their credibility in the market for a very little work.

How to grow your business with Influencer Marketing?

Referral technique have been the most effective Marketing strategies.

If there is any issue and one suggests a solution for it, then there will be a good chance that you’ll buy it.

grow your business with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is just like – only at one scale. When an influence says good things about any product and services, there is a huge chance that the audience will convert, in your potential lead. This happens because you trust the creator and need that product.

Simply seller will also give some discount just for influencer audience to track how effective the campaign is.


The Growth of Brand Influencer Partnership

Approximately 82% of people follow the suggested and recommend product of micro influencer.

Influencer and Brand are now maintaining a long-term partnership:

long term partnership

Long term partnership is not exactly work with influencer, but this also provide a better ROI. For example, on a school podcast, if you have a single partner, from over the years. And if this provides a valuable partnership, the continue to run the campaign.

You’ll be surprised to know that Influence marketing has extended from $13 billion to $15 billion by 2022.

But these marketing trikes has a long way towards growth. Even if you don’t see anything or anyone using it in your industry, it might be worth finding a good Influencer and testing it out.


Why brand rely on Influencer Marketing

Brand relay on this because it is fairly a new strategy. It helps to connect with potential clients directly.

Here’s are some points that why brands rely on this marketing technique.

1. Influencers have Real power of connection


Almost 55% of the customer reach at least five reviews before buying a product, and at least 84% of the consumer make purchase based on influencer recommendations. So, it’s hard to measure the power of connection between customer and Influencer.

Influencers Have Real Power

2. Influencers are social

According to the records, each one-use social media platform. Be it your parents or grandparents.

Influencers Are Social

3. Brand and Influencer: Makes Mutual Benefits


Just like every relationship, the relation between brand and Influencer should be a two-way path. If your brand is only taking the profit taking, you likely start losing your partnership.


There are many ways to compensate influencer:


  • Cash
  • Free Products and discount coupon
  • Commission
  • Extra sample products free


Benefits of Creator through Influencer Marketing?


  • You can build trust and Authority of your own


When you promote a big brand and their products it instantly adds to your credibility. Because the company makes you authoritative person to recognize that brand. This will also create a trustworthy and reliable relationship with the Target market. After the brand promotion people recognize you as a brand face and add value to your content by liking, commenting, and sharing your video.



  • Brand Yourself


With the help of brand, you’ll advertise yourself also. By promoting different brand can increase your following, reach, engagement, traffic, like, views and many more. By aligning your brand selection can be more helpful in this. So, on of the best part part this type of marketing is being a hot new concept of promotion in marketing.

Brand Yourself

  • You can make your salary Decision


Through this you can set your own payment. If you’re going for a huge brand with big budget, then you’ll be making money on your demand. However, for this you need to more popular with large fan following.


  • It hikes up your reach and engagement/Connect with Audience


It hike up reach and engagement that will help you to take big contract with different brands. When reach increase it generates traffic that will be helpful for your profile. You can connect with high audience.

connect with audience

  • Provide Unlimited sharing potential to your video.


You pay for a certain number of impressions. But with influencer marketing, a campaign has the potential to be shared and even go viral, giving your message more reach than you paid for.


Get the Benefits 


As you consider the benefits and demerits of Influencer marketing, think about this. At the point when you join this with the right brand, you receive benefits of it very quickly. Influencer with a lot of followers permit you to acquire your goal immediately.


What’s more those advantages can keep on compounding after some time. Shares, reposts, and retweets give your campaign that is enduring, adaptable power that helps your content get increasingly more exposure.


To get help with launching a successful influencer marketing campaign, start with “MINNIONS FAME”. Then check out our post “How to join Minnions Fame”.


Lesson that I’ve learnt from Influencer Marketing.

I am running an Influencer marketing strategy for a while now. I’ve done is for my personal brand to see how it will increase my popularity. Which will be assisting to increase my own brand awareness.

At the end I learned when influencer post occasionally, it doesn’t make a huge impact. This marketing strategy will more beneficial when you do it consistently. It frequently assists you to start a movement.

I don’t have a huge budget like lays, so I start doing influencer marketing as per post through different Influencers. When I started doing this technique, I observed a much bigger Impact.

That’s happens because many people are seeing my brand multiple times from various influencer in the same channel. But if your post or video that are seen by someone occasionally, that doesn’t create much impact.

Now you’ve known more about Influencer Marketing, let’s move towards How to grow your business with Influencer Marketing.

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