What’s the main goal of every business owner? Of course, growing brand awareness and increase in engagement. However, if your marketing campaigns don’t convert, your business won’t grow. Whether you want your potential clients to sign-up or buy a service. Your strategies should be focusing on client’s conversions.


A Digital marketer, know how search engine optimization and content marketing are important. A common mistake of marketers is to use these methods solely. What they don’t realize is that SEO and content marketing complement each other. They both are paired with each other. It drive each other and improve conversion rates.


Understanding SEO & Content Marketing


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)




SEO is a technique to drive organic traffic from search engines. It ensures that your website appears among the top search results. SEO grow brand awareness and generate trust in potential clients.


  • It’s a running system that provide long-term results.
  • SEO include a series of audience research, content creation, keyword research, website audits, backlink creation, etc.
  • To improve site performance:
    • ensuring that it loads quickly
    • It should be mobile friendly and easy navigable.


Content Marketing


Whereas, content marketing is the process of creating valuable content.


  • Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy.
  • It increases curiosity, interest and educates your audience.
  • It delivers information about your products/services.
  • It’s a way to gain authority and strengthen your brand reputation. Also, it generates leads and convert potential clients.


As similar to SEO, content marketing needs deep understanding of target market. It defines your goals and identify the most effective channels.


You can publish high-quality, original, and relevant content. It should either educate, entertain, or solve their issues.


It’s good to say that content marketing and SEO are best if they work together. Else, you may end up grabbing traffic that leaves you without conversion.


How SEO & Content Marketing Work Together


How SEO Content Marketing work together


The easy way to understand the topic is how clients search for product and services.


  • Imagine you have to buy a new phone. First you do is a quick Google search to find a phone in your budget.
  • Next you’ll visit the website which appears first in search results.
  • If you’re interested in some various models. Then click on the related links for more information.
  • This is how any target audience behaves. If you want to display your product in top search results.


This is an opportunity to educate them about your brand. Just you have to put original content. This helps them to understand how your services will be helpful.


Working of SEO & Content Marketing


Working of Content Marketing


As a blogger you want your visitors to return for your product. Provide some call to action options. If you’re sending informative and relevant content they will come back.


That’s how a customer convert in potential clients. This will create brand awareness and loyalty in visitors. That’s why it’s important to work together with SEO and content marketing.


Your SEO strategy needs to be on a high quality content. When you consistently publish content, it establish authority for your brand. It encourages other writers to post their content in you web page. This makes a strong inbound link.


With time, search engine include your content at the top of relatable searches. A well processed SEO strategy will drive more qualified visitors. These visitors are likely to search for your product only. That’s way they’re more likely to be your customer.


SEO help content marketing to go in right direction. Promotion is the major part of content marketing. If your content is optimized it have good chances to be in top. Structure your blog, research for keywords, this makes more engaging content.


Best Practices


You’ll get good results if you work with SEO and content marketing together.


First identify your target audience. Know their needs, interest, habits, struggle and issues. It’s essential to define goals and provide good solutions.


Want to dig deeper in customer mind? Then find problem and provide solution for their challenges.


  • Find a distribution medium to resonate with your audience.
  • Create a list of content ideas and topics. These are relevant to your clients issues.
  • You can create a content calendar that defines you schedule for publishing.
  • The major step is to create original content and publish it on right medium.
  • If you’re posting blog, ensure that it is well optimized. You need to target major keywords. Whereas, if you’re upload videos, integrate keywords in description.
  • Ensure that your website is mobile friendly and user responsive.
  • Lastly create a keyword rich FAQ page for most common issues of customer.




A good SEO strategy provide way for a nice content marketing strategy. SEO gives direction and purpose to content marketing. High quality content have good SEO reach and traffic. You can achieve marketing goals by working with them together.


Apply SEO and content marketing together and the results will amazed you.

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