How to get Google Analytics Certification?

Welcome everyone, in this column we will be explaining how to get Google Analytics Certification.

What are Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the most important industry and generally used as analytical stage. Google gives a certification test known as Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) to look further into digital analytics and demonstrate your marketing and analytical abilities. Thus, let’s know about how to take this test and qualify for it.

Google Analytics Certification?

The establishment of SEO, social media marketing, and web Marketing, in other things, is Analytics. Basic and advanced Google Analytics ideas are included in the Google Analytics Individual Qualification. You will get all information of various elements of Google Analytics, which you share with your colleague. For more information about Google analytics certification

Google Analytics Certification test is free. After finishing this certificate test, you can add this to your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume and LinkedIn profile, so others can see it. Given  are the steps to take it:

Sign up to Google Partners

It is important to Join Google Partners because the Google Analytics Individual Qualification is only visible to those who have signed up in Google Partners.

Be prepared for the exam

You should be familiar with digital analytic abilities to qualify  the exam. Google itself gives you all study materials, courses and syllabus so that you can learn for the exam and be trained for it. There is a Google Analytics YouTube Channel to which anyone can subscribe to be updated about the certification exam. Before taking the exam, Google suggests taking these courses:

  • Google Analytics for Beginners.
  • Advanced Google Analytics.

These courses are available to a large range of viewers, from beginners to experts. You can also take online courses offered by Udemy. Before taking the GAIQ exam, it is crucial to take the practice test to get known with the exam sample, types of questions asked and time frame. When you are ready and feel confident about that what you have studied, you can start the GAIQ exam.

Take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test to see how well you know Google Analytics.

How to get Google analytics certification

The GAIQ is divided in modules, you may take one topic at a time.

  • Go to Google Skillshop.
  • Click over “Get Certified,” then select “Analytics Academy”. Then, choose Google Analytics Individual Qualification.
  • Login with Google, if not logged in past.
  • Then, you need to create a profile, if you haven’t done it before.
  • Now, you can take the examination.

Let’s know the exam pattern of GAIQ.

What is the GAIQ Exam Pattern?

As I recently said, the GAIQ test is free. The exam comprises of 70 questions. The question are as Multiple-Choice Questions  and True/False. The test will require ninety minutes to finish. Although one hour is mentioned. It is basically impossible to stop the clock until the test is finished.

The passing marks is 80%, that is something like 56 right questions out of 70 question, however you can take the test again after 7 days if you failed.

After passing the GAIQ, you’ll get a certificate that will show up in your Google Partners record, and you can add and share this  in your LinkedIn profile so others can see your analytical abilities. Your GAIQ confirmation is valid for 12 months.

I hope you have now got a great knowledge of how to take the google examination individual qualification test. Set yourself quite well and practice questions. Attempt to meet all requirements for the test without the help from anyone else. We “Minnions Tech” are all here to set your Google Analytics Certification also we are provide Digital Services that can help you in various Google Certification.