How to make SEO Friendly content?

Welcome again everybody, today I will be talking about how you can write SEO Friendly content. After learning this column, you will know how to write SEO-friendly content for your site. So, let’s begun with this.

What is SEO Friendly content?

As a site holder, you need your website to get a more ranking in search engine results, this makes a high chance of getting huge viewers to your site. SEO is a vital element to get this. So, there is a urge to write SEO-friendly content.

Before going further, we should first know what a SEO-friendly content means in google ranking. SEO-friendly content is writing or making the content for your site so that it can help the search engines to relate the content easily and rank higher on the organic search page results.

Generally, as a viewer, we often prefer to get applicable results for our search query in the main 4-5 links or the primary page itself; we hardly visit the following page. So, if your post positions high, you will get more clicks, shares and offers, in any case, the article seems to be pointless if nobody at any point finds your page. If you publish well-optimized and researched content for your users, search engines may display your article in the top results for search queries.


Now, let’s talk on some points to make SEO-friendly content.


There are some of the points you may use to write a SEO-friendly article for your site:

Select keywords carefully

Using a keyword that is related to your subject. Go for a keyword which has a huge search size, using some wrong keywords will lead to the wastage of your time and efforts. For this, you can utilize SEO keyword research tools like Google Search Console, Bing webmaster, Google keyword planner, and many more. After you have tracked down the right keyword, place it in the title, meta description of your page, headings, URL, and substitute text to your picture using the alt characteristic of a picture tag.

Choose proper headings and subheadings

The heading should be in the <h1> tag. In h1, always use keywords like “why”, “what”, “how” “where” etc. In subheadings, always use <h2> and <h3> tags. The heading point outs the subject of the content. Therefore, it should be crisp and simple so that it can be easily understood by the users. The search engine robots are known as bots, crawlers, or spiders that will read the headings to know what your content is about.

Use good quality images

Using pictures that are relatable to the subject makes your content more attractive. The picture file size should not be large otherwise it will take a long time to load. You also use online image compressing tools to reduce the file size but make sure that you should not compromise with the quality of the image. If you give similar text to the picture by alt attribute of the picture tag.

Create content that is of high quality.

Compose content so that is easy to understand by the viwers and must be relevant to the subject. Ensure that there should be no grammar mistakes. For this, you can use Grammarly and some other tools of your choice. If the article is too long, use points at the beginning of the article so that readers can know what information they will get by reading the post.


Make your article as long as possible.

Length of the article should be long but up to a certain word limit. Make sure that your content length should not be too short as Google prefers longer articles.

Use internal linking in your article

To inform the viewers of your past articles; you should use internal links to your older posts so that many people can go through them if they want. This builds the chance of getting more traffic to your past posts. You can use external link pointing to some other popular sites.

Content should be unique.

Your content should be original; it must not copied from any other site or sources. The plagiarized writeups will never get a high ranking in page results.

Make your material easily shareable

After you have done making the content, make sure to consider some social share links so that readers may simply share it with others.

We’ll hope you found this content useful by using these tips, you will be able to write a good  SEO-friendly content for your site and get a high ranking. If you don’t know anything about SEO, you should hire a expert, for you. Stay connected with us for more informative and exciting columns. For more  information or any services contact “MINNIONS TECH