In the world of digitalization, marketers have spent their time to learn the various aspects of automation. This arises a question. How automation had an important place in e-commerce? How retailers can boost sales by marketing automation?


This blog provides all the information about marketing automation for e-commerce.


What is Marketing Automation?


Marketing automation means scheduling posts, automating emails, SMS, and more. This is not the limit, it also customize website landing pages. 


How it help?


  • It sends well-structured emails to clients.
  • Suggest new product based on shopping history.
  • Provide promotions as and when available.
  • Existing clients to new sales.
  • Provide automated recommendation to customer.
  • Customize stores by offering new clients based on their clicks.


Why marketing automation is important for e-commerce?


E-commerce business is growing extensively from past year. Also, they have low attention spans. A customer spends around 3 second to decide to read email or not. This is further exacerbated by the growing number of email newsletters brands are sending every single day. 


Marketing automation is a beneficial tool. It help online business to generate revenue and growth in goals. It allows small business to take control of their marketing strategy without having to manually manage everything.


Thus, the question is-
Whether one should give up Marketing via email as e-commerce?


Though, Email Marketing is one of the effective way for e-commerce. Especially on some special occasions.

For example- Black Friday, New Year, Valentine Day, Amazon sales etc. Email marketing are 20% more effective in online sales. And 17% of whole orders are from e-mail marketing.


How marketing automation can improve customer retention?


Customer retention is supreme in today’s digital world. More customers will interact if they have a positive experience at first. As e-commerce retailers look for new leads.

Segmentation and personalizing the leads. Engagement with potential clients across every media is important.


A research says customer demands are more, and delivering those demands can increase loyalty. It also helps in engagement across the board.


Marketing Automation Solutions in the market.


While this will be a long list, here’s a list of solutions that you might need. However, there are other solutions which may be more effective:


  • Welcome emails
  • Abandoned cart rescue emails
  • Win back campaigns.
  • Real time communications
  • Contact base segmentations
  • Post-transactional emails like tips on using the products, feedback, etc.
  • Dynamic emails once he/she visits the personalized offers.


However, with increasing technology in e-commerce more ways of marketing arises. But without having a proper marketing automation plan, any business is going to fall.

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