What is On Page SEO Strategy 

The practice of optimizing the web page to rank higher in search engines.  It revolves heavily around optimizing pages for search engines. SEO also involves in creating and optimizing HTML tags like title and meta description. It used to be a common practice to include the exact or accurate keyword you want to Rank for in your title ,URL and content.

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Powerful SEO techniques

  • Using super short URL – Short URL tend to rank better than long URL. Its super easy to use short URL on your page. whenever you publish a new page make it sweet and short.
  • Use target keyword in your URL – It’s really simple but it’s made difference in your ranking. while creating a URL just make sure that you must include the targeted keywords in your URL.
  • Optimizing your title tag for click the rate (CTR)– You should use number in your title tag because number grab attention. A study has found that headlines with number get 36% more click. You can also use bracket in your title to boost the CTR.
  • Publish long content – longer content tends to outrank shorter content. Longer content contains more LSI keyword. When you write long content you naturally more LSI keywords which makes google happy. Google wants to show their user the best result for the given keyword and if your page provides comprehensive answer to what that person is looking for, Google will want to rank you high upon the first page.
  • Use external/Internal links- You can include 2-5 outbound links to authority resources in every single article. When ever you publish a new piece of content make sure to add 2-5 older or previous pages of your site which is related to your current topic.
  • Use multimedia in your content – Using multimedia in your content can increase the value to your viewer. Firstly, it attracts the audience and make them to stay longer in your site. So, use more images, graph, videos in your content.
  • Maximize site speed- If your site opens quickly then it can save the time of viewers. So, for increasing the site make sure you invest in premium hosting. For more information related to SEO you can check en.wikipedia.org

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On page strategy

Meta description

It helps to increase your click through rate in your result. Meta description is an html tag that defines description in web page. It is about the description of the product and services which are written below the page title to define what content is all about.

Heading tag

It defines any topic or content heading in web pages. It is basically the title of the content. We can also use the related heading under the content as a subtitle. The length of the heading tag is 70 characters.

Canonical tag

If we have a similar content in our website. It’s basically solving the similar or duplicate pages problem. Under this tag, we define your real page URL and solve duplicate page problem. It will help viewers to easily reach on real page.

Robots tag

The robots tag is a HTML tag that characterizes which bots follow our website pages and who doesn’t. Follow and index tag characterizes that bots will follow your pages implies there is a ton of chance that your page will come in search list items. By applying the label Nofollow and noindex, bots won’t follow your pages, implying that your page won’t come in search result.

Internal link

Internal links are important to make the customers stable on your website so that the spending time of a customer’s increase.

Alt Tag

It is an HTML tag that defines what is the type and name of the image. Google’s bots do not know about any image. So, we have to use an alt tag to define the name and types of an image.

User-Friendly website

keep your website user-friendly so that viewers do not have any problem in accessing your website so that they can access it easily.

Image Size 

Keep the image size small maximum up to 1000 mb. So that the speed of your website does not reduce and the time of the consumer should reduce. So, try to maintain the image size and also focus on the quality of the image.

Copyright Content

Avoid using the copyright content. If you use copyright content and if your page is running google AdSense then the page is not displayed in that.

Open Graph

It is a type of protocol that give access to the google SEO specialist that which content you want to show on social media like twitter, face book, and which not.

Reduce page size

Just keep all of the 1 MB. If the size of your web page is more than 1MB, then it will take more time to load, So many of your visitors can leave your site.

Google Analytics

It is a medium which is used to easily track the customer and analyze your customer easily and improve your website better.

Keyword Density

It is the most important part of content writing. When you use a keyword repeatedly while writing content, then it’s known as keyword stuffing and google doesn’t promote such kind of content.


Its robot meta tag, The difference is only that a separate file is created by the name of Robots.txt and it usually work on whole web pages and Robots Tag work on particularly one page only.


Try to keep the length of your content maximum. It should be 250 words. There are greater chances of page ranked on google if you write longer content.


You have to keep the URL of any of your pages SEO friendly. URL must be of 70 character. For more info contact us on  “MINNIONS TECH