Free PDF Submission Sites List 2021

In this section, here we will be providing you the list of 10 best Free PDF Submission Sites List, as well as we will be giving some examples for how to backlinks from PDF and PPT Submission sites in an easy way.

What is PDF Submission

PDF Submission is a process to make high-quality backlinks for various websites. PDF Submission provides high domain authority backlinks. These backlinks are extremely powerful as they give very quick cache. PDF Submission sites are generally have no-follow but because of high domain authority, keywords on search engine are being improvised by doing this, through this anyone can target keywords on PDF Submission sites if you may do profile creation, then you will get an advanced backlink for your domain that can improve the domain authority of your website. PDF Submission is a branch of an off-page SEO activity and it is important for us; we would recommend you all to do that. As SEO is very essential for any content to rank on search engine “MINNIONS TECH” provides SEO services that will make your website stand out from others.

On the PDF Submission site, you can submit PPT along with PDF. PPT submission is also very vital for our site. PPT submission guides you to visual presentation and everything might be understood by individuals in visual form. It is very easy to explain well to people. PPT submission provides mostly no-follow backlinks, but they are available in advanced authority sites which gently improves websites ranking.

PDF Submission and PPT Submission both done by the same method, so don’t  get confused about PDF and PPT Submission, we will discuss about the submission of both with the help of examples.

Why do we do PDF/PPT Submission?

We do PDF Submission so that we can get high quality backlinks and these backlinks of PDF Submission websites, are of high quality, it improves ranking so that anyone may improve their keywords. You can target on your specified audience and get the most related traffic. By taking backlinks from the PDF Submission website, you may see a lot of improvement in Search engine optimization, domain authority, page authority and Alexa rank.

How is PDF Submission helpful in ranking any website?

If you don’t want to take backlinks from PDF Submission websites, then it may cause some issues for you because getting backlinks is not an easy task. One can need a lot of experience to get backlinks for this. PDF Submission websites can provide profile backlinks. PDF submission is very helpful in the ranking of website because you will be getting backlinks from websites with more DA/PA.

PDF submission sites

Free PDF Submission Sites List

Here mentioned are 10 best free PDF submission websites list in this post, the terms and conditions of these sites are different so please read them properly then you can take PDF or PPT submission backlinks.

Sr. No PDF/PPT Submission Sites List DA PA
1. 95 64
2. 94 73
3. 94 74
4. 94 82
5. 93 69
6. 93 73
7. 93 65
8. 93 64
9. 93 67
10. 92 66


Example of the PDF Submission

Submitting PDF or PPT has simple steps, you may go on any of the above-mentioned websites and can submit your PDF and PPT and get backlinks from them. The main goal of PDF submissions to provide you more clicks on your website.

It is important to use title, description and tags while submitting pdf, you may put your keyword in the title part, and put a short description related to keywords in the description box, in category section you can select category according to your business, in privacy section you may select public so all viewers can read your pdf and put tags related to keywords, then you make your PDF public.

If your complete submission is public, your pdf will be open like this type, you can send the link of your page to your target audience, so, that they can understand your business better.