In the era of digital world each and every work is shifting online.  From a Jewellery shop to a food stall. People have started using digital stage to grow more by setting an online store, blogging etc. So, we will have an idea that our future is digitalization and for making our future bright you have to take a step forward and start planning your business to give an online platform. For that you need multiple websites where you enhance your audience reach.

But the question arises which platform to choose for making our website?

php Vs wordpress website

Well, it depends on your needs and goal. So, lets learn which is the best and matches your needs.


If you are planning to create a high-profile website with multiple features . Then you have to choose the PHP website because you have an option to make it customize depend on your needs. PHP is best for ecommerce and other service websites. for ex- Amazon and Flipkart are made on PHP

But in WordPress you have a limited themes to do customization. So, the customizations are done in limits. This is generally use for personal blogging.

Suitable fields

If you are planning to create a large Market place online then go for the PHP website. Because the platform like Amazon , flipkart etc. These are made on PHP . It is also used by companies for their CRM.

If you want to create your own personal blog then WordPress Is suitable for you.


Talking about security it will totally depend upon the company owner. That what are the instructions he had given to his developer to make the website secure.

PHP website are get secured from the scratch or from the root.
While you have to add plug-in to make your WordPress website secure.


PHP website require HTML coding to develop a site .
WordPress website doesn’t require any kind of coding .



PHP have multiple features which includes inversion of control, authentication, Authorization etc. Latest  release makes it best.

In WordPress plugins take care of the authentication.


PHP website give you best speed even on high load. Speed of PHP is better than WordPress.

Speed will get slow in WordPress when so many files are uploaded.


So, lets see the difference between these two



                  Best for the freshers.                 Best for professionals.
                   Limited customization.                  Unlimited customization
         Generally, use for personal blog                 Best for organization
                   Suitable for blog website   Best for e-commerce and other service website
                 Don’t need html coding                  Requirement of coding
            Fulfil small needs or requirement                   Fulfil diversified need



Development of PHP website consume less time. Because PHP developer reuse the codes easily . So it save time
of the development process.

WordPress is not recommended for long-term business because you face problem in developing while adding new features in it.

PHP devloper


If you talk about flexibility, PHP website is design in such a way that that you can implement any kind of changes easily. It helps you to expand the features in low cost.

There is limitation in WordPress you can customize only with the existing themes or feature. A developer face problem while making it completely dynamic.


So choose wisely and invest on best .You have to decide your platforms based on your need and goal. To conclude, if you are using website for small scale business or for personal blog then go for WordPress . But you are making a strategy to make a huge Market place online like e-commerce or developing a long-term business goal then go for the PHP. It is best for large business organization.