Types of Keywords in SEO

There are few types of keywords in SEO through which you can use to grow your search traffic strategically. It’s important to choose right kind of keyword to focus on. So, let’s learn the various types of key word.

Short tail keyword

These keywords are search phrases containing one to three words. If you want to attract lots of visitor through website then optimizing for short tail keywords is the most effective way to do this. This keyword also known as head keywords. It has very high search traffic.

When people search for short tail keyword then it is not clear that what exactly a viewer want.

For example, If somebody search for online marketing. Then it’s not clear that what exactly they search for either definition of online marketing or opportunities in online marketing.


Long tail keyword is search queries related to low individuals search volumes but have an enormous search demand as a group. This keyword contains more than three words which describe a particular topic for viewers. When people search things using long tail keyword then its clear that what a viewer actually want.

 For Example: If you will search online marketing career then its clear what you exactly want.

Fresh key word

These keywords are those which are often searched for a particular time period. After sometime these keywords are not much searched. This are trending keywords which runs for a limited time period.

For Example- If any new web series or movies get realized then people search for their reviews or rating or they download that. But the search volume of these thins decrease after some time


These keywords have a moderate search volume. They are relevant all the time. Evergreen keywords never get out of date. The search of these keyword might get more or less for some time but it remains moderate.

For Example – What are the career opportunities? This kind of keyword never gets outdated. There might be a more or less in search volume. More examples are How to gain weight.


These are the keywords that explains about the product that the user searches. These reflect a brand product which People search for a specific product by typing the product name along with the product

For Example – When someone searches for HP laptops. Then it called product defining keyword.

Types of keywords in seo 1

Customer-defining keywords

These keywords are those that target a particular customer. The audience defines themselves by using keywords. Want to know more about this you can reach to the official website en.wikipedia.org

For Example – When we search for liberty shoe for women, then person wants shoes for women of the liberty company.

Geo-targeting keywords

Geo targeting keywords are those that have a location for example as the name of the country, state or area are mention in search results. The viewers use this type of keyword to search for something either in their interested area or any specific location.

For Example – When user search for laptop shops in Hyderabad. In the search field, they need to get the results of laptop shops in Hyderabad. This keyword is more helpful when you have a limited business and you want other people.

LSI keywords

LSI keywords are further relevant to the main keyword by the viewers. When we search for a keyword a Nokia mobile then at the last of the search result pages, We see some other related keywords to the search query we have mention.

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