What is a Technical SEO?

Search engine optimization has three parts and we are discussing  today we are How to improve technical SEO By applying SSL, Decreasing the site load time, Eliminating 404s or broken pages and links, and more? So let us start –

Technical SEO?

It is a part of on-page SEO that focus on enhancing the elements on the site to get a best ranking. It mainly focusses on improvising the technical aspects of the site in order to maximize the ranking of the website in the search engine. Making your website more quick, easy to crawl, and understanding the search engines acts as the base of technical organization.

We can make technical SEO better by few methods. These are as follows-

  1. By applying SSL
  2. Reducing the website load time
  3. Eliminating 404s or broken links and pages
  4. Deny in of mix content issues
  5. Deleting copied or duplicate content
  6. Denying the toxic backlinks
  7. Creating an XML sitemap and submitting it.

By applying SSL

SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This is a security protocol which is used to establish encrypted links between the server and the browser in their communication online. Earlier SSL was used to provide security and personalization in online shopping and registration.

In July 2020, the google with few more search engine introduce a “not secure” movement. According to this movement, website that does not have a security certificate installed on their sites will be marked as not secure. And the user will know when they enter in a risky environment and thus this will potentially reduce the site’s ranking. The sites can remove this not secure tag by installing a security certificate on the website domain and then migrating the website to HTTPS.

Decreasing the site load time

It is very important to reduce the load time of the websites. A survey shows that, 40% of users have abandoned a website due to its load time. people are much more likely to avoid the site if it takes more than three seconds to load on mobile phones and two seconds to load on desktop.

Eliminating 404s or broken pages and links

This error usually happens when the link of the page does not exist anymore. This issue takes place when the page which it originally lived has been changed or the page does not exist. It means the website is broken. These 404 errors make the experience of the user worst.

In such cases we should set up a 301 redirect which will bring the visitors to the new page which you have make. We can come to know which page on the website is broken by using a few things like Linkminer, SEMRush, google search console. Once the broken pages have been rectified, we should generate the newly sitemap and submit it to google.

Eliminating mixed content issues

The issues of mixed content are raised when we have recently forced SSL onto our websites. These arise when our website contains nun secure pages linked. Identifying these sites can be done by running a website audit in SEMRush. It will display all the websites, then we have to go manually to each page and find its HTTP links and then convert them to HTTPS.

Technical SEO

Eliminating duplicate content

Copied or duplicate content reduce the Google ranking of the website. Using the SEMRush site we can get a list of errors. Once we know which content is marked as duplicate then we can edit the content on our pages and make sure that the pages are unique.

Denying the toxic backlinks

These toxic backlinks can harm the search ranking. We should get rid of them by using the tools like screaming frog and google search console. To get a record of backlinks to the site and it also gives us the domain score to help us assess the links.

First step to refuse links to reach out to the domains manually and to ask them to remove the links to our page. We should send a reconsideration request also. Upload the list of worst backlinks to the google disavowal tool. After doing this google assign a ‘no follow’ tag to them and it will no longer affect your search rankings.

Creating an XML sitemap and submitting it

This is to make Google know that we have improved our online presence. Submitting a newly update file helps google to acknowledge the change much quicker.

I think this topic has cover your queries related to technical SEO. I hope this information can help you to rank your site higher. For more such interesting information and to know more about digital marketing and its branches follow us on “MINNIONS TECH