What is Lead Management?

Lead Management is a method of engaging potential customers and influence them to make out a purchase from you end. This is the most evoking process then doing simple advertising. It is the most used process for e-commerce shops to create trustworthy relationship with clients. You may get confused between lead Management and lead nurturing but it the part of lead Management system that takes place in the end of every step.

Importance of lead management in online business

The primary moto of Lead Management is to convey the information a consumer needs. When a business organization are step out, or leads are not properly generated, consumer can detect duplicate and irrelevant information – resulting an out track lead conversion. Simply, you can manage leads in a better way , weather it’s a CRM or any other lead generation method. This may reduce manual work for an online business that can help in customer experience.

Steps for managing Leads

1. Lead Generation

The first step of lead management process is advertising and engaging potential consumer. You can not able to do any sales without making a reach to potential clients.

2. Customer Inquiry

This process starts when a client response somewhere, that make an interest in your products and offers. Most of the time, this happens when consumers click on any of your products.

3. Identify Capture

This next step to find your actual customer. You may find some data through Google Analytics, while some information can be gathered by the client that are send it to the company.

4. Inquiry Filtering

When all the interested clients found you need to verify them for accuracy. This helps to get a better understanding of any information entered.

5. Lead Grading

After the identification leads should be filtered based on the maximum value to the organization. Leads can generate sales or it can offer value to a company.

Leads Managements

6. Sales Contact

This contact parts starts when sales process gets underway. Sales personnel need to structure a call and encourage leads to make a purchase.

7. Lead Nurturing

Leads who are discussing features of any process should be entered in lead nurturing process. This process is automated and a sales person needs to take follow ups to convince them to make a valuable purchase.

8. Sales Result

Through this, the management system comes to an end when a lead finally converts into customer.

What are Sales Calls?

A sales call is an uninvited phone call from a salesperson to make a Clients for the growth of business. These calls provide information about the product and services to potential customers. These sales call can be from B2B in which a salesperson sell products to business and pitch for a collaboration. Also it can be B2C in this a salesperson sell products and services directly to the customer.

Types of Sales Call

1. Cold calls – In simple terms we can call it’s as an unexpected call from a salesperson. This call happen when a leads don’t have any relationship with the general lead. Therefore these sales hasn’t had good chance to build rapport before cold calling. For this a salesperson person need to have a convincing pitch to hook up with the potential lead.

2. Schedule Calls – These call happen when a salesperson had built a good relationship with the potential customer. These sales call will takes place when a client agreed on The pitch of salesperson . In schedule calls salesperson don’t need to convince the client they just need to acknowledge about the services they are providing.

How Facebook and Google ads helps in Lead Management?

Google Ads

It is an online advertising system. Through this, you can create online advertising to reach individual who are actually interested in your products and services that are offered. In Google Ads, you can choose where your ad appears, you can set your budget and easily manage the impact of your advertisement.

Facebook Ads

These ads are paid advertising messages that different companies place on Facebook. Facebook ads give you the flexibility to make your own customized ads. Facebook ads are available in varieties of formats and templates. You can choose your daily budget, overall amount and cost per result.

Facebook shows ads that are based on the interest of the customer, on the other hand Google shows ads to the user who are searching for a specific product.

Difference between Self Generated Leads and Agency Generated leads

leads management for online business

Self generated leads are those that are specifically find by the salesperson. These leads can be more effective that other marketing and social media advertising. Self generated leads can be good because a salesperson can build a trustworthy impact on potential clients. In this a salesperson is the self decision-maker and can do a direct phone call to the customer. For more information about this you can reach here en.wikipedia.org

A agency generated leads are stable and we’ll identified. This is the process of researching, identifying, attracting and transforming leads to potential customers for a business. This process includes online channel, paid social media ads, strategies and different tactics that offer data of specified clients.


How Minnions Tech will be helpful in leads management?

We Minnions Tech have a well defined leads generation management system.

Minnions tech work on lead generation and use both traditional and modern process for lead generation. Traditional methods includes cold calling and modern methods follow emailing and social media marketing. Minnions Tech ensure maximum lead generation with better and more chances of getting conversion.

By collecting information of customer from different sources to generate leads that can give benefit to your business. First we work on your business brand awareness and drive traffic for your website. We work on bridging gaps between a organization sales and marketing teams.