SMS marketing is also called text marketing. It is the easiest way for business communication. But the original worth is not been completely seen.


SMS marketing is now assisting for personal communication. It happens with the increase in smartphone. Business have wide chances of growth in SMS marketing.



According to some research,8% people reach stores after receiving promotional offer on message.

  • 29% of the target market make response.
  • 47% of audience make purchase after the response.
  • Text messages are prefer as the medium of talk.
  • 9 / 10 select text as the way to be inform about businesses.




SMS marketing is not only for existing clients but also explore new customers. The benefits of text messages are too good for every business. SMS marketing is said to be the part of Digital marketing.

Here is the list of benefits that help the your business to be more strong.


1. High open rates


The best advantage of text message is it has the highest open rate. 98% of people open text messages as compared to calls and emails. This service is boon for every business. Which are seeking quick and efficient results.


2. Better conversion rate


high conversion rate


SMS in business have plenty of advantages. For example: – SMS marketing witness better conversion rate. People are more likely to visit stores and make a purchase. Promotion offer have high conversion compare to any other medium.


3. SMS marketing is inexpensive


Benefits of SMS marketing makes it highly cost-effective option. Minnions Tech offer Bulk SMS services via SMS API, which offer businesses to reach out to millions of clients. While comparing it to other forms of marketing like billboards, television ads, or magazines, it is more budget-friendly.


4. Greater audience reach


grater audience reach


With the increase in smartphones, SMS marketing is becoming the means of communication.


Best advantages of SMS is to receiving a text message does not even require internet connectivity. With the increase of usage of cell phones, it is increasing daily. Businesses can utilize the opportunity to reach customers. This gives them the advantage of reaching a huge audience.


5. Instant delivery


instant delivery


You need to have good cloud telephony provider for instant delivery. Cloud telephony has strong network connection through out the world. These network can be of good use. While delivering time bound OTPs.


6. Flexible and Reliable SMS marketing


Ongoing sales, discount, offers can be announce by SMS service. This is used to inform about new store, offer and much more. SMS offers limited space to convey messages. Businesses need to use the 160-characters to reach in an impactful way.


Messages sent by Cloud telephony provider are encrypted. It is secure and reliable platform for business. Cloud messaging is the future of communication. You can reach clients in real time. 



The SMS sender delivers large number of messages every month. They provide Alerts and Promotional messaging services. OTP will be delivered within milliseconds. They also send offers, discounts, reminders, etc. platform does it all.