These days social media is incomplete without influencer. Now it is safe to say that Influencer had become an inevitable part of Digital Marketing. All brands need influencer for making a social presence and that is possible through only Influencer. Though providing high consumption for content on social media has increased influencer marketing.


Sometimes, Brand needs to collaborate with influencer to increase their sales. However, this is not the main goal, there are many several reasons why influencer can be of great use.


As through popular belief, influencer marketing is not about roping in Influencers with millions of followers. This strategy works on various elements to which we need attention. Working with influencer needs focus because the impact of any campaign only depends on it.


From selecting the right Influencer to making and implementing the strategy, everything is the part of Influencer Marketing.


Before directly going to why brands and influencer, let’s discuss the basics.



What is an influencer


An individual is said to an Influencer when they have a strong social presence that will help to influence people’s purchasing decisions. Brands take help of this influential identities to drop their message to the target market. Social media assist influencer to reach brands customer base.







Influencers exist because of social media but they differ from each other based on the number of followers, niche, and content presentation. Usually, influencer is differentiated based on follower range.


Here is the list of various types of Influencers.


Mega Influencer


Influencer who has a million or more followers falls in this category. Generally, these influencers are called Celebrity Influencer. Mage influencer can take up your brand to large number of audiences.


Macro Influencer


These influencers have 1,00,00 to 10,00,000 follower range. Macro influencers are known for being expert in the niche they are creating. They have much better engagement rate as compared to mega influencer. Macro influencers are advantageous for brand exposure on social media.


Micro Influencer


Micro Influencer have follower range between 10,000 to 1,00,000. They duly has less followers but if you’re going for getting a desired result, then these Influencer will be preferred. This is because they have a genuine and dedicated audience that are Highly interested in their posted content.


Nano Influencer


These influencers have less followers range between 1000 to 10,000. Though the audience base of these influencer is less but they are successful because their followers trust them.



Micro Influencer and Nano Influencer are over taking mega influencer because audience are looking for content which is more authentic not just promotional.



Sometimes, Influencer marketing becomes very hectic because of audience behavior. Though because of this it seems too tricky, and Influencer had to transform their work. This will be a reason to change the way of content presentation and promotion.


With this Information, let’s discuss why a brand need Influencer.




reasons why brand choose influencer


1. Brand can know more about the audience through influencer

Brand can know more about the audience through influencer


Be it any influencer belongs from any platform like Instagram or Facebook, the reason why they are being heard is because they know about the wants of their audiences. This helps the brand to know their client base. Influencers are generally known for creating engaging content that makes then an influential personality on social media. Brands can leverage this quality to convey their messages to their target audience.


2. Social media Influencers Can start a conversation about your brand


Social media influencers can start a conversation about your brand


Influencer marketing is all about promoting brand and making a strong online presence. For this you need to be known to your target market. Influencers have the power to make a discussion for your band between the targeted market. They are doing this by making a strong content strategies and powerful videos. This can prove to be advantageous in many ways.

3. Influencers expose you to an undiscovered audience base

influencers can expose you to an undiscovered audience base

Many times, influencer campaign becomes viral and starts attracting a specified audience base. Various kinds of people follow influencers, collaboration with them will increase your target market base to a large extent.

4. You can reach to the pulse of your audience


When you execute an influencer marketing plan with Instagram advertising methodology you will usually know the audience opinion on your brand. Brands can examine response with the assistance of likes, comments, and reactions got on the content published recently. This will tell you what kind of strategy works for your brand.

5. Influencers helps in building brand credibility


Most brands are focusing on influencer with highest purchasing power. Conventional advertising needs more authenticity and credibility that neglects to click with these ages. For the assistance of brand influencers, brands can create more greater sense of credibility because the audience trusts what they put on their social media handles!

6. Social media influencers will put your brand on the map

Social media influencers will put your brand on the map

There is no such thing as brands in a vacuum. Indeed, even on social media, you will have contenders who will have carried out influencer campaign. With the assistance of influencer, you can rival competitors who belongs to your niche. This will give your brand a high stage in your industry. The most ideal way to execute an influencer campaign is to depend on an on an influencer marketing platform.

7. Brand influencers make social media following of a brand

Brand influencers can impact the social media following of a brand

Brands struggling to make a mark on social media can be benefitted from influencers. Once your brand becomes the talking point reflects in your brand’s social media handles. Right from the expansion in the quantity of follower to increase the quantity of leads, brand influencer can help with a ton!

8. Influencers help you frame brand perception

Influencers help you frame brand perception

Each brand has its very own personality and influencers can communicate to identify your audience. Also, brands can keenly work together with influencers to shape brand insight as well. Right from focusing on another market base to making your brand more engaging, a great deal can occur with the help of social media influencers.

9. Influencer helps in flexibility with your marketing budget

with influencer you can be flexible with your marketing budget

Traditional advertising can be very costly. And it may not give you desired outcomes since many people are hooked to mobile screens rather than TV. There are various kinds of influencers that brands can pick based on the niche, social media platform, and followers. This makes influencer marketing even more adaptable and flexible. You can choose micro-influencers and nano-influencers in case your campaign plan budget does not allow for celebrity influencers.


With influencers, you have a ton of choices to promote your brand.

10. Influencers create brand appeal


We follow influencer for what they are posting on their social media handles. If they have an engaging content, this can also be advantageous for brands. They can make your brand appealing with creative and engaging content. With regular posts, reviews, stories, and videos by influencers your brand will get the attention it needs.


Instagram influencers are important for influencer campaigns. In addition, Instagram gives a great deal of creative freedom to content creators. However, brands should not depend on a single social media platform with regards to marketing with influencers. Ensure you have a blend of platforms in your influencer campaign.


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