SMS marketing vs WhatsApp marketing which is best for your business?


Do you remember those old movies of a girl and guy? If no I’ll let you know, they were “meant to be together”. Suddenly a hip new guy came into the neighborhood and she like him more? And then as usual all thing cracked up. Then she return back to her true love and live happily ever after. Well, the same story applies in SMS and WhatsApp.



Long ago businesses use SMS marketing but shifted towards WhatsApp. Now the trend of WhatsApp marketing is losing its hype. So, all businesses are shifting back to SMS marketing.



WhatsApp have become trend for sometime, for some good jolly reason. It’s free, easy to use, one can send images, audio and documents to everyone across the globe. We can make groups for family and business. Even Facebook invests $19 billion in WhatsApp, so it might be doing something great.



However, as same as new hipster in our story, sometimes new flashy trend isn’t the best option. For you or your business.



We’d like to weigh in SMS vs WhatsApp for business debate, and you can decide what the right option is for you.


SMS vs WhatsApp For Business




We have all seen apps evolve as they mature.


For example, Facebook is widely assists as a social platform. LinkedIn as a business platform, and Instagram for a combination of both. 




                 7.9 billion Subscriber                   1.5 billion Subscriber
                  No internet required              Internet connectivity required
                  Any mobile phones                 Only smart mobile phones
Communication possible without adding in contacts Personal broadcast only possible once contacts are added
      Available for personal and business            Limited access for business
             Open tracking is not available Possibility of having business advertisement in the future.
             Bulk SMS marketing available Marketing messages not allowed for business.



Here’s why business love SMS marketing:


Everyone has access to SMS


While WhatsApp is becoming popular as SMS, but not everyone has it. If business is using a messaging platform, they have to stick to the platform that everyone uses.


Best Open Rate


SMS marketing has the best open rate. According to survey 98 percent of the messages are read by the customers.


No Internet Required


How frustrating is it when you want to send a message, but you loose you internet? As a business, you don’t know how much data your client has. If you are sending an OTP message, the urgency may be lost. Of course, then your messages gets waste. Using bulk SMS services for business gets your message to audience whether they have internet or not.  Yep, you can rely on bulk SMS to get your messages.


No Smartphone Needed


As shocking as it sound, not everyone has a smartphone. Yes, some of the old cell phones are still around and are still people work on that. If your target audience have old devices, then they’ll gets your SMS.


Accurate Analytics


Bulk SMS services allow you to track your messages and see what’s working. You can access to two-way communication with your audience. Bulk services offers multiple automated reply.


SMS = Short


SMS as the name reflects, short. Generally messages are of 160 characters, informative messages get to the point rather then long text.


Free SMS 


Some service providers offer unlimited free SMS with their contracts. What a bonus! This means that you can interact with clients through SMS without worrying about what it is going to cost.


SMS Offers Faster Response Time


The average response time for text messages is 90 seconds. A lot of people directly see text messages. Not everyone checks their WhatsApp and respond to it straight. People can reply fast on SMS no matter where they are.”


While this refers to SMS vs WhatsApp: –


  • the fact that SMSs are opened almost immediately 
  • have high response rate 
  • accurate analytics
  • concise message


Yes, WhatsApp has a place in business and offers some good features


However, features and numbers don’t lie. If you want to reach a lot of people with  highest response and open rate, then bulk SMS is the best option for business.



The SMS sender delivers large number of messages every month. They provide Alerts and Promotional messaging services. OTP will be delivered within milliseconds. They also send offers, discounts, reminders, platform does it all.