Social Media Influencers are someone who can impact your mindset. If you go deep around our blog section. You’ll find huge number of articles in context of Influence and Influencer Marketing.


But there are more things that you need to learn before about Influencer marketing.


Table of Content


  • What is an Influencer?
  • Influencer marketing?
  • Social Media Influencer?
  • By Followers Numbers
  • Types of Content
  • Level of Influence
  • FAQ





what is an influencer



 A person is said to be an Influencer who has:


  • A strong social presence that will affect people’s decisions.


  • They are following on specific niche, with whom they engage.


  • An Influencer effect a person by their authority, credibility, position etc.


  • Influencer can engage huge number of people but the size depends on their chosen niche.


These people are not more than a marketing tool for  brands. Brands collaborate with them to achieve their  goals.





Influencer marketing is new age digital business technique which helps in to promote your product and services.


You can promote your business through tie up with the  famous social media Influencer, creator. Influencer marketing has a wide audience. It helps a brand to build credibility and drive sales.





Social media is growing extensively, from the last decade. More than 3.4 billion people use social platform. Also, it is the 45% of the total population in world.


Most people look up to Influencer for their decision making. The influence has powerful impact that can change mind in minutes.


Social Media Influencer are those who built their image for their knowledge in their niche. They post engaging content on regular basis to generate huge number of followers. Influencers set trends and create hype to purchase any product.


They encourage their followers to buy services / products they promote. These Influencer generate huge following of engaging and enthusiastic individual who pay attention to their content.




Influencers exist because of social media. They differ from each other based on the number of followers, niche etc. Usually, influencer is differentiated based on follower range.


One can divide influencer in multiple way. The most common method to separate influencer are:


  • By followers Number
  • Through types of Content
  • And level of Influence


You can group influencer by their similar niche. Here is the list of various types of Influencers.




Mega Influencer


Influencer who has a million or more followers falls in this zone. Generally, these influencers are called Celebrity Influencer. This influencer can take up your brand to large audiences.


Macro Influencer


These influencers have 1,00,00 to 10,00,000 follower range. Macro influencers are known for being expert in the niche they are creating. They have much better engagement rate as compared to mega influencer. Macro influencers are useful for brand exposure on social media.


types of influencer


Micro Influencer


Micro Influencer have follower range between 10,000 to 1,00,000. They duly have less followers but if you’re going for getting a desired result. Then these Influencer will be preferred. This is because they have a genuine and dedicated people that are interested in their content.


Nano Influencer


These influencers have less fans range between 1000 to 10,000. Though the audience base of these influencer is less but they are successful because their followers trust them.







One who write or make video regularly called blogger. A blogger might be from any niche. They can be travel blogger, political blogger and more. A blogger makes various content that includes:


  • Videos
  • Photographs
  • Write-ups
  • Diary entries






Blogger or blog are not the only kind of content online. The most loveable content is video. Every video creator publishes their content on various websites. The most popular channels for video content are YouTube. Most brand deals with the most famous YouTube creator for promotions.






Podcasting is new age trend. It is the most recent growing online content platform. You can download or simply listen online. A podcaster promotes a brand through audio files.


Social Posts only


social posts


content creators rely on a specific platform with existing users. Social promoter’s post new posts or video on each social media platform. This makes most blogger and content creators micro influencer as well. Most of the Influencer are making their names on each social media.


Want to know more about Influencer marketing reach






Celebrities are the real face of influence. Although their value as an Influencer is reduced these days because of new age Influencer.


Influencer marketing come in trend because of celebrity endorsement. Product promoted by celebrities have large sales. Since, most companies and brands, are using celebrities as influencer.


Celebrities have huge number of fans . Therefore, it is hard to find how much impact they hold on the people who follow them.


Mostly celebrities have the best communicating skills. That help them to involve large number of users. They are known from their expertise in their fields.